The Team

Marinuș is an angel now, but, if he had not existed, the association would not have been established.

His power to enjoy his childhood, even on a hospital bed, the generosity with which he shared what he had with other children, his fearless spirit, empathy, and joy of living made the association MARINUȘ GĂLBENUȘ exist.

“For the children in the neighborhood, Marinuș Dolofan was Fane (Fane-Dolofan) – Destruction! There was no one like him: he competed with anyone and was unsurpassed, he ran all day, climbed fences, and jumped through people’s courts. He walked with his nose bent all the time, as if he were a child from adventure books. In the neighborhood, he was known as a prankish child. But everyone loved this child who could not stand still for a moment. How to be angry with Fane-Destruction? Suddenly he jumped around your neck, kissed you and, after another moment, he became invisible”.

Source: Andrei Craciun,

Thanks for the inspiration, Marinus!

Mirel Dolofan, Fondator

“I believe that a human being is better described by the facts he makes. That’s why I leave below a short description made by the writer and journalist Andrei Crăciun, who was close to me and my soon in the cruelest moments.”

“This man was hit like Job in the Bible. He did not curse; he did not take God by the collar. He spent the last five years squatting at his son’s feet, in beds that were always too small, and when there was no place there, he slept on the floor. And when they didn’t even let him on the floor, he watched, night after night, on the benches in the hospital courtyards. Mirel was not only Marinuș’s father. He also cared for children with cancer abandoned in hospitals. Source: Andrei Craciu,

Brief C.V.:

• 2 years coordinator of a Home for parents and children with oncological diagnosis, located in Vienna, within a profile association

• 2 years of organizing and coordinating sports events, fundraising events, within an association for children with oncological diagnosis

• 8 years of intensive volunteering for children with oncological diagnosis, from cooking in hospitals, to dozens of fundraising campaigns for hero children, individual, but also within a profile association

Simona Proteasa, Founder

My grandmother used to tell: „My girl, wherever you go, do well. If you can’t leave better than you found, move on, but a good word is always found“.

I’m still following my grandmother’s words and I’ve tried to do exactly that whenever I could. When I left the country for a year, to learn what it means to organize events in another country, I really missed getting involved in social causes.

I went back and started doing this in parallel with my work, then in parallel with my own event organization company, then it even became a job in itself, and now it’s a new way that I love to follow and I’m glad I found the meaning.

Brief C.V.:

  • 5 years management and implementation of projects with European funds
  • 7 years organizing fairs & exhibitions, corporate & sports events, in Romania
  • 1 year of organizing business events, in Great Britain
  • 1 and a half years of organizing and coordinating sports events, fundraising events, within an association for children with oncological diagnosis
  • 5 years of intense volunteering for children with oncological diagnosis, within a profile association, from sweeping, in a children’s camp, to fundraising campaigns at cross-country and half-marathons

Catalin Dolofan, Founder

The profession of professional driver forces you to meditate somewhat, so many and long journeys that at some point you wake up simply meditating.

I had time in my 6 years to think about many things, but the recurring thought was for the wellbeing of my little girl. I was present in Marinuș’s life, he is my nephew and I know how scary the fight with a disease is.

On my long ways through the country and overseas, I wondered what I should learn from this experience. I learned that to alleviate, you must be present and give love when needed, to love my little girl and to do everything possible to support her on her way through life.

I am very happy to be part of the Marinus Association, because it is a way that has chosen me and that I choose to follow.

Brief C.V.:

  •  19 years of experience in logistics and freight transport, in Romania and all over Europe
  •  6 years of volunteering for children with oncological diagnosis, from transporting medicines where they were needed, in the country or abroad, to driving families from home to the hospital and back.