The story of the association

The story begins with a cheerful, naughty little boy, with an innate free spirit. His name is Marinuș.

He was born in 2006, at the beginning of spring, and in 2013 he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain cancer. For five years, I hopefully roamed the hospitals of Bucharest and Vienna, until the spring of 2018, when Marinus chose to join the angels.

My time with Marinuș was and is very precious, we created memories for two lives, if it weren’t for Gălbenuș’s illness we wouldn’t have been able to stay so many years apart, I saw him in those years more than I would have seen a whole life and if I lived a hundred years! The time with Marinuș taught me how to live with the pain, how to understand it, how to understand those who are going through the same struggle as us, it taught me to be gentle and more attentive to the needs of those around me, but especially it taught me to help, as much as I can, from my piece of life.

Marinuș had the gift of generosity towards people.

While we were hospitalized in a hospital in Bucharest, after a short period of hospitalization, Marinuș noticed that there are many single children in the hospital, their parents rarely go there, and asked me: „But why do we have something to eat, and those children don’t have? Let’s call them to eat with us!” That’s how we got to have a lot of kids around the table whenever I could cook.

Marinus, everyone’s friend

After spending time in hospitals in Romania, where he was any chance, we decided to go to Vienna, to try an experimental treatment at AKH, an international hospital, where children came from all over Europe. Obviously, my Marinuș became curious and started exploring the hospital wards. When I thought he was asleep, I went shopping. When I returned, I did not find Marinuș! My son had gone to search children to play with, he opened all the doors of the salons and, although he was kicked out of many salons because they were foreigners and did not understand what he wanted, he continued until he reached a Romanian child, he climbed into his bed and said: „Let’s play.” Yes, he was fearless and, if he set out to do something, he would do anything to get it.

Marinuș, inspiration for one of the most exciting donation campaigns

The journalist Andrei Crăciun tells a much better story than us, so we leave you his article about Marinuș, the child who was the inspiration:ță–după–gălbenuș/

After Marinuș left me, I felt the need to volunteer and that’s how I got to the Magicamp camp, where Marinuș spent a wonderful week. There I met Simona, a volunteer for many years, and since then we started working together on various projects of the association, until one day, when we chose to follow the way that Marinuș laid in front of us, for which we are grateful.

In fact, Marinuș is the founder of the association, we just follow his dignified, playful, innocent, gentle and especially good spirit.

Story told by Mirel, Marinuș’s father