In simple words, we want:

  • to help any child suffering from a serious illness and his family, to try to cover as many needs as possible. For example, if he needs a bed, a roof over his head, medicine, transportation, support during hospitalization, whatever he needs, and it can be done.


Please, make a simple exercise: how much money do you spend for a simple cold that lasts around 2 weeks? Enough, right? A serious illness lasts from at least a few months to several years. It takes a lot of money to cover the cost of the disease, not to mention the fact that one of the parents, in most cases, must give up the job for taking care of the child, which leads to a decrease in income, less money for the rest of the family, but also a lot of worries for the future of the child under treatment.

The important thing is to be more and more good people, to be able to help Together!